Raymond Hall Modeling Projects

Construction notes from Raymond: This was my first attempt at making a craftsman type kit in S. The kit consisted of card stock, wood sections and cast metal parts, such as the hatch covers.
There were a few challenges: - Not enough soft iron and brass wire to make all the hand rails and u-staples to secure the long release bars for the hatches. I eventually found some nice soft dressmakers pins that were exactly the right diameter! Drilling holes in the hatch castings for the lifting handles was difficult.
Notes from Raymond: The Kinsman instructions for this double sheathed ATSF Auto box  state that the "-entire car is painted box car red. I painted the under body black. 
    I was able to provide, with the help of my son in law who is excellent with computer software, a vector master(?) from my master Word document using the font sizes from the B&O font I down loaded. I could not find a reference to what style of lettering AT&SF might have used but I think it looks OK.
    I found a decal maker in England with an ALPS printer who was able to make a set for me.