Jeff Jundt Modeling Project

I am working on the construction Elevatorof a typical wooden elevator often known as a “prairie skyscraper.” Being the first structure that I have built for an eventual layout and having some experience building with wood in model airplanes, I decided to build this out of basswood and balsa. After drawing out a scale representation of the elevator from two aspects I went ahead and started construction of the elevator. Utilizing a modern semi and grain trailer, I used the dimensions of this to determine the door openings into the unloading platform of the elevator. The elevator is currently in two pieces, the primary elevator, along with the side building for the unloading platform. A dirt berm will be built on the display layout leading up to and from the entrance/exit of the unloading building. Windows and doors are pre-made products. Additional sliding doors will be added on the entrance/exit to the unloading building as well as next to the train tracks on the other side of the elevator. A loading spout(s) will also need to be added on the trackside as well. The interior of the primary building was sprayed with a clear coat and the outside was painted with brush. Scale clapboard siding was used throughout and a reinforcement frame structure was used as a skeleton to build the sides on. A router was used to create the corner timber which provided a nice clean edge but also a groove for the clapboard siding to lie into. A second office building may be built, but at this point I would like to start on a small diorama to place the elevator on and I can continue to work on the elevator on the diorama.