Bill Bartlam's Scale Layout
SMSG Meeting, Sunday, December 6, 2015
All photos by Ken Garber

The Surrey Valley Railroad is a ‘bridge line’ (pun intended) linking 6 small towns, with a branch line leading to 2 coal mines and a paper mill. It is a point-to-point with reversing loops at each end designed for operations, hidden staging at one end and visible staging at the other. There are 2 interchanges and many industry spurs. There are 2 continuous running tracks, not used when working in point-to-point mode. It primarily features New York Central and Baltimore & Ohio equipment in the steam-to-diesel era of the mid 1950’s. It is designed for short trains and smaller engines and cars.

The two photos above reveal the complex timber trestle and bridge work on the layout. Bill built the 190 ft curved trestle himself.

Photo right - An extensive, winding mainline is another of the unique features of Bill's layout.

There are 7 bridges on the layout spanning aisleways, 5 of which are single track and 2 of which are double track. All lift up or swing away to permit access. The locomotive fleet includes models from American Models, S-Helper Service, River Raisin Models, and a doodlebug. All have DCC decoders, many of which are sound. Rolling stock is a mix of American Models and S-Helper-Service.

The track is American Models code 148 flextrack, with 80 turnouts, all of which have had to be modified and/or rebuilt so that both scale and hi-rail equipment will operate through them. About 2/3rds of the turnouts have hand throws, and 1/3 have Tortoise switch machines. Main line is about 300 feet. .Photo below - One of three roundhouses and functioning turntables on Bill's layout.