Tom Hess’s HI Rail Layout
SMSG Meeting, Sunday, January 25, 2015

The two photos above show the north end of the layout. Above, in the lower left is the corner of the passenger terminal. The city, engine service facilities, freight and passenger yards complete the city scene on this end of Tom's Hi-Rail layout.                Photos by Dave Held

Photo above - The South end of the layout . The main passenger terminal is to the upper left off the main line.
Photo left - taken from the center of the layout.

Photo below - a close-up view of the detailed coal mine that Tom built. A local special passenger train in C & O livery passes on the outside mainline track.

The three city photos were taken by Tom Hawley at the January, 2009 SMSG meeting. They reveal the detail Tom Hess put into his city scene. Dale Baker and Tom appear to be discussing the plight of the city dwellers in the town behind the Railroad Station.