Sig Fleischmann's Midwest Central RR
Photos by David Held, March, 1989




Sig's Hi-Rail Midwest Central
was built in the upper level of
his detached garage.
Photo (left) shows the
extensive engine facility,
including a turntable, and the
main line on the South end
of the layout.







A closer view of the turntable shows an American Flyer Pacific being sent out on a run.









Arial view of the North end of the layout. The entrance was below the layout shelf on the right.












The Midwest Central was a pioneer in its day using Flyer Motive Power on Hi-Rail track and turmouts.

Mainline track was code 172 rail laid on over 6000 hand cut wood ties.








Open frog turnouts were scratch built from rail and
precut ties. Steam engines
were American Flyer models with new DC motors added
for superior performance.








American Flyer Diesels were also regeared for better performance. New American Models diesels completed the locomotive roster.







Sig explaning operations of the of the Midwest Central.

He loves those volt & amp meters!