Neil Becker’s Charlotte Northern RR
Photos and Story by Neil Becker


Neil Becker’s Charlotte Northern RR layout is a little bigger than 8' x 10' if you count a spur which may someday connect with a second layout under construction in the next room.








The high rail layoutruns on AC, AF track and rubber roadbed consisting of two interconnected loops with 13 switches. Neil started building it in 1996 from his Dad's original AC Gilbert AF layout


Layout 02






"Dad set the layout up at Christmas for the boys during the 50's. It was stored it in our basement
in NJ since 1960. He packed it away so well that only one engine out of three didn't run well until Dan Moser worked on it.”


Layout 03





“Needless to say, I got the bug to go on. With encouragement from my loving wife, my trains now include not only more AC Gilbert original stuff, but trains from Flyonel, AM, PHM and SHS."







"I wound up with more trains, etc.
than would fit on one layout so my wife said: Why don't you build another layout in the next room. I've lost track of how many cars I have but my engine count is around 69 including A & B diesel units and steam engines."






"Loader, Stock Yard, Coal Loader, Talking Station, Baggage masher, Piggyback Loader, Guilford Station, Gabe, Cow On Track, Bubble Water Tank, Crossing Gates, Crossing Signals, Whistling Billboards, Magnetic Cranes, Aircraft Beacon, Sawmill, etc. and even a reproduction of the Car Washer ACG never actually made."