Dave Campbell's Hi Rail Layout
Photos by Dave Campbell - Latest Update Dec. 2015

Construction began in 2004. The layout is 100% complete for both track work and scenery. A 3' X 18' extension was added in 2008 to provide additional switching possibilities.

New Yard




In 2014, the 3 ft x16 ft passenger terminal was added. 

First two photos by Brooks Stover



Dave's layout has been featured in the following publications:
     The Dispatch              June, 2006
      Classic Toy Trains     November, 2012
       The S-Gaugian           Jan/Feb, 2013"

Grade Crossing

2010-2011 saw many changes on the Fourville Branch Line.  The biggest was the addition of TMCC to the entire layout.  Eight engines have now been converted.  The other big change was the addition of operations.  This includes a car card system, fast clock and timetables.  Several sessions have been run to date with many learning's and favorable comments.  It shows that even a hi-rail layout designed for show can progress from the realm of running in circles.

New Yard Area


The layout was visited in the summer of 2011 by a crew from Classic Toy Trains magazine.  An article was developed and should reach publication late in 2012.

Layout Details:

My S Scale Hi-Rail layout is modeled loosely around the 50’s.  It's not modeled after any specific locale and displays the heralds of several different railroads.  Currently, the layout is 16 X 16 with center controls.

E8 at the Station



Using Sievers products, I assembled the bench work for the layout in only 1 day. I was able to salvage all of it when I recently moved. It is an awesome system.

The layout was designed on the RR-Track computer designing system. It is constructed with Sievers bench work and utilizes the S-Helper S-Trax system and is built on 2 levels.  The main level is at an elevation of 42” and the upper level is at 46”.


Switcher at fuel tank



The layout features American Flyer rolling stock and accessories.  Additionally, there are components from LTI, American Models and SHS.  Structures are derived from a potpourri of sources.




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