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Each year the S community looks forward to the NASG national convention.  The National Association of S Gaugers solicits bids from S clubs to host the event, looking for a balance over time across all regions of the country.  The venue is usually a hotel with exhibit space, and the convention features typically offered onsite are a dealer hall, portable layouts, clinics, model contest, banquet and live auction.  Offsite features might include tours to prototype venues and visits to home layouts in the area, and it’s also customary to commission a unique railroad car model for sale.

SMSG has stepped up four times to be the host club for the NASG national convention:  1986, 1996, 2006 and 2016.  This is a labor-intensive activity, with a planning committee starting as much as two years in advance.  During the actual convention, which often runs 5-6 days, we look for everyone’s help to ensure the event runs smoothly.  For the 2016 convention we added operating sessions to the program, which was well received by attendees – some said this was one of the best conventions they had been to.  SMSG has received very positive feedback on all the conventions we’ve hosted.